Norton St Nicholas C of E (VA) Primary and Nursery School

Guided by God, we live, learn and love.


Purpose of study

  • Our PSHE, RSHE, character education and mindfulness curriculum follows the Church of England education entitlement and is faith sensitive and inclusive.
  • We have a commitment to providing a RSHE curriculum to all pupils and use the Diocese of Bristol Goodness and Mercy resources to support the teaching of this in school.
  • We teach a full curriculum that prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life in modern Britain.
  • There will be opportunities for children to understand their own and others feelings, knowing how to adopt a growth mindset, celebrate failure and build resilience through mistakes, know how to be healthy and lead a healthy life and use breathing, yoga and relaxation techniques to learn strategies to practise mindfulness every each day.



When children leave Norton St Nicholas they will:

  • Be appreciative of existing relationships, be able to form new healthy relationships, enjoy strong, positive, caring relationships with good boundaries, online and in person.
  • Have a sense of identity, understand their own emotions and appreciate who they are.
  • Have explored the relationships with the people around them including how to communicate, empathise, and resolve conflicts as well as identifying people within their support network and know how to ask for help.
  • Know how to set and work towards goals and build self-esteem through drive or purpose.
  • Know how to celebrate failures and learn from them. Know the importance of a healthy diet, exercise and good dental health.
  • Know strategies to help them relax through mindfulness in school.
  • Know how to keep themselves safe in a range of different situations.
  • Know how to administer basic first aid and gain life-saving skills.


The curriculum

  • In KS1 and KS2 Mindfulness is taught daily. Character Education follows our core values so it is taught as part of our daily collective worship. Once a week, there is a class-based reflection as part of Collective Worship.
  • Our lessons are based around six progressive themes, which are revisited each year. They consist of wonderful me, People around me, healthy body and healthy brain, citizenship, economic wellbeing, and transitions.
  • For PSHE and Mindfulness we use resources from Kapow Primary and 
  • For Sex Education in year 6 we use Goodness and Mercy resources from Diocese of Bristol.