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Norton St Nicholas C of E (VA) Primary School

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The School Policy is that all children from EYFS2 should wear school uniform. Uniform in EYFS1
is optional. The uniform consists of:
Every day wear for pupils
• Red school sweatshirt/ cardigan/ fleece with school badge (available from school) or sweatshirt/ cardigan/ jumper in plain red with no hood
• White polo shirt with school badge (available from school) or white polo shirt/shirt/ blouse in plain white (no logos)
• Plain black or charcoal grey trousers/tailored shorts/skirts/pinafore dresses (no logos)
• Plain charcoal grey/red/black/white tights/socks
• Summer dresses may be worn - red /white gingham checked when the weather is appropriate
• As well as the above items, children are expected to wear sensible footwear – black shoes; smart black boots are permitted in winter but no trainers.
• A coat
• Wellington boots are encouraged for all pupils in EYFS.
Sports/PE Kit for Pupils
• Plain white or white sports T-shirt with school logo (available from school)
• Plain black shorts/cycle shorts
• Charcoal grey/red/black/navy tracksuit bottoms and a plain grey/red/black/navy sweatshirt/hooded sweatshirts may be worn during winter months (school logo hooded sweatshirts are available from the school)
• A pair of trainers for outdoor PE to be worn with socks (not tights) - no plimsolls are required for indoor PE as children work in bare feet
• Children are permitted to wear a change of sports kit for extra curriculum sports clubs – this must be suitable for the sport club. Children without a separate kit are allowed to wear their PE kit for attendance at extra curriculum clubs
• A PE kit must be available in school daily for all pupils
• Children from Y1 to Y6 need to have PE kit appropriate for outdoor use at all times of the year


Jewellery and Other items for pupils

No jewellery except small stud earrings may be worn in school, which must be removed by children for all physical activities or if they cannot be removed then the child will have to temporarily tape their earrings to make safe.
• No nail varnish, make-up, tattoos, hair colours or braids to be worn in school.
• Long hair—on both girls and boys—should be tied and secured.
• A plain red book bag (with school logo available from school)
• A PE kit bag (with school logo available from school)
• A simple watch may be worn
Children must wear school uniform on school trips and visits unless otherwise specified for easy


The aims of a school uniform are:

• To ensure all children are dressed appropriately for school and school activities
• To give all children a sense of corporate identity
• To standardise items of clothing worn for school
• To maintain a neat and clean appearance that will hopefully be transferred to other aspects of
children’s education
• To ease confrontation between parent and pupil about what should be worn to school;


We feel that children should be proud to belong to Norton St Nicholas CofE (VA) Primary School and that wearing uniform is an integral part of belonging to our school. We are committed to providing a teaching environment conducive to learning. Each child is valued, respected and challenged regardless of race, gender, religion, social background, culture or disability. The wearing of school uniform is not an option but an obligation. It is expected that parents and children will honour this agreement and make every effort to uphold the desired standard of dress. We hope that all those involved in the school community, staff, parents, children will share these intentions. Any parent experiencing problems in purchasing articles of uniform should initially contact the Office or arrange to meet with the Family Support Worker or Headteacher.